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Lubrication Skills of INA Bearings

Writer: Eric Bearing Limited

Anti-rust performance

The grease used in the INA bearing must have anti-rust effect. The anti-rust agent is preferably insoluble in water. Grease should have good adhesion to form an oil film on the surface of the steel, even if the grease is filled with water can be maintained.

Mechanical stability

Grease will become soft during machining and cause leakage. When there are vibration application examples, grease will be thrown into the INA bearing from the INA bearing housing. If the mechanical stability of the grease is not enough, the grease will be continuously thrown out of the INA bearing, which will cause the mechanical structure of the soap to disintegrate mechanically and the grease will be destroyed.

Oil seal

The oil seal is necessary to protect the INA bearings and lubricants to prevent external pollution, no matter debris or moisture can not penetrate into the INA bearings to prevent damage. Correct installation and maintenance is an important factor to play the longest service life of INA bearings. At the same time, we must pay attention to the cleanliness of INA bearings, the correctness of INA bearing selection and the selection of appropriate installation and maintenance tools. INA bearings must be protected from contamination and moisture, and must be properly installed and lubricated. The design of the INA bearing arrangement, the condition of the oil seal, the type of lubricant and the lubrication cycle, and even the specialized maintenance all play the same important role.

Mixed fat

Never mix incompatible fats and oils. If two incompatible fats and fats are mixed, the consistency will usually become soft, and in the end, it may be damaged due to the easy loss of grease. If you don't know which kind of grease INA bearings originally used, you must first remove the old grease inside and outside the INA bearings before adding grease.

Classification of grease

Distinguish according to temperature and working conditions: grease can be classified according to their allowable working temperature. The consistency and lubricating ability of grease are affected by the working temperature. Imported INA bearings operating at a certain temperature must choose the correct consistency at the same temperature And grease with good lubrication effect. Grease is manufactured in different operating temperature ranges and can be divided into low temperature (LT), medium temperature (MT) and high temperature (HT) grease. At the same time there is a type of grease called EP (extrusion resistance) or EM (extrusion resistance and addition of molybdenum disulfide), with additives to strengthen the strength of the lubricating oil film.  INA RAE30 NPP bearings in ERIC BEARING LTD stock , pls click here

Choose grease

If the grease is wrongly selected, all measures to prevent INA bearing damage are also in vain. It is very important to choose a grease whose base oil viscosity can provide sufficient lubricating effect at operating temperature. The viscosity is mainly affected by temperature, which varies with temperature. It rises and falls, and it rises when the temperature drops. Therefore, it is necessary to know the viscosity of the base oil at the working temperature. Machine manufacturers usually specify the use of a certain oil. Most standard greases can be used in a wide range.

The following are some important factors in choosing grease:

1. Types of machinery

2. Working conditions, such as vibration and the direction of the spindle is horizontal or vertical

3. Types and sizes of INA bearings

4. Working temperature

5. Cooling situation

6. Work load

7. Sealing effect

8. Speed ​​range

9. Peripheral environment

If the machinery and equipment are to be used to the best condition, the INA bearings must be properly centered, and the extremely high temperature, humidity and polluted environment must be avoided.

Appropriate lubrication and protection plans, as well as INA bearing condition monitoring work, are the key to maximize the life of INA bearings. When the INA bearing is damaged, it may cause unexpected equipment shutdown. Even if it is a one-hour shutdown, due to the early failure of the INA bearings, it may cause huge production losses. To ensure the healthy operation of the equipment, in addition to relying on high-quality INA bearings, we must pay attention to the operating environment, correct installation and regular maintenance.

Working principle of INA oil film bearing

INA oil film bearing is a radial sliding bearing using lubricating oil as the lubricating medium. Its working principle is: during the rolling process, due to the rolling force, the roller journal is forced to move, and the center of the INA oil film bearing and the shaft The center of the neck is eccentric, so that the gap between the INA oil film bearing and the journal forms two areas, one is the divergence area (the gap gradually increases in the direction of rotation of the journal), and the other is the convergence area (in the direction of rotation of the journal) slowing shrieking). When the rotating journal brings the lubricating oil from the dispersion area into the convergent area, the bearing clearance in the direction of rotation of the journal changes from large to small, forming an oil wedge, which causes pressure in the lubricating oil.

The combined force of the pressure in each point of the oil film along the rolling direction is the bearing capacity of the INA oil film bearing. When the rolling force is greater than the bearing capacity, the eccentricity between the center of the journal and the center of the INA oil film bearing increases. In the convergent zone, the bearing gap becomes steeper along the rotation direction of the journal, the minimum oil film thickness becomes smaller, the pressure in the oil film becomes larger, and the bearing capacity becomes larger until the rolling force is balanced, the center of the journal is no longer offset, and the INA oil film The bearing and the journal are completely separated by lubricating oil, which theoretically forms full fluid lubrication.  INA SL185008 bearings in ERIC BEARING LTD stock , pls click here : 

From the working principle of INA oil film bearing, we know that one of the most important parameters in the INA oil film bearing system is the minimum oil film thickness. If the minimum oil film thickness value is too small, and the metal impurity particles in the lubricating oil are too large, and the external dimensions of the metal particles are numerically greater than the minimum oil film thickness, when the metal particles pass through the minimum oil film thickness with the lubricating oil, it is like causing metal contact , When severe, will burn tiles.

In addition, if the minimum oil film thickness value is too small, when accidents such as steel stacking occur, it is easy to cause the metal contact between the journal and the INA oil film bearing and cause the bush to burn. The minimum oil film thickness value is related to the structural size and material of the INA oil film bearing, the processing accuracy of the relevant parts, the installation accuracy of the INA oil film bearing system, the size of the lubricating oil and rolling force, etc.