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SKF, FAG, INA, TIMKEN, NSK, NTN, KOYO, NACHI, IKO bearings are widely used in metallurgy, mining , petroleum, chemical, coal ,cement, heavy machinery, wind power, port machinery and other industries. ERIC BEARING LIMITED supply differently type bearings, satisfied customer different industrial demands.

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SKF Bearing application-Power station

First of all, China's current power generation industry mainly includes thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power and wind power. Among them, thermal power plants are the main production mode of China's electricity at this stage. Therefore, this article describes that thermal power generation machinery is the main bearing for power plants.

Secondly, the machinery involved in China's thermal power plants mainly includes: boilers, boiler feed pumps, blowers, induced draft fans, pulverizing equipment, coal transportation equipment, dust removal equipment and other boiler auxiliary equipment, steam turbines, circulating water pumps and circulating water cooling systems , Condensate pumps and other steam turbine auxiliary equipment.

SKF bearing application

1.SKF Slewing bearings for turntables are mainly used in boilers and air pressure instruments.

2.TIMKEN tapered roller bearings are mainly used in boilers, pulverizing equipment and boiler auxiliary equipment, mainly for large size products.

3. FAG spherical roller bearings are mainly used in fan equipment such as blowers and induced draft fans and their flour milling equipment with large vibration. The application process is mostly used in conjunction with the bearing seat, which can stabilize and protect the bearing.

4.NTN double-row spherical roller bearings and thrust bearings are mainly used in various pump machinery, such as circulating water pump, condensate pump, pressure pump, etc.

5.NSK single row cylindrical roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings are mainly used in coal transportation equipment, automobiles, forklifts, coal unloaders, motors, generators, etc.

KOYO Bearing application-Metallurgical equipment

There are many types of metallurgical equipment, not only the equipment required by the raw material plant, but also the equipment required from the upstream process to the downstream process such as the steelmaking process, the rolling process, and the leveling process. These devices are equipped with various bearings. These bearings are used under the conditions of "iron powder", "water" and "hot" peculiar to metallurgical equipment, and they must also meet the requirements of "heavy load + vibration shock", "from ultra low speed to high speed + rapid acceleration and deceleration", etc. Conditions, it is used under the very harsh conditions it holds."Stable operation and improved production efficiency" can be described as the proposition of a representative industry in the field of metallurgical equipment. KOYO contributes to this proposition as its goal. It not only advances bearing design technology, but also from bearing materials technology, lubrication technology, analysis technology and other inherent angles, and promotes corresponding measures and research and development work every day. For this reason, KOYO has been committed to solving the permanent problem of "long life and high reliability of bearings" for a long time.KOYO has a strong lineup of bearings for various metallurgical equipment, including products ranging from standard bearings with ISO specifications to uniquely developed high-performance bearings. In addition, we also take measures to provide new solutions to the recent metallurgical industry's demand for high value-added products and environmentally friendly products.

FAG Bearing application-Papermaking machinery

Papermaking machinery is a machine that includes raw material preparation, pulping, papermaking, to make a roll or sheet, and processing paper and paperboard.Papermaking machinery mainly includes: digester, grass cutter, reed cutter, sugarcane pulp remover, wood mill, heat mill, pulp washing machine, pulper, beater, waste liquid recovery equipment, headbox, net Engine, press, drying, calender, paper reel, and transmission, and other auxiliary systems such as steam, water, vacuum, lubrication, and heat recovery.

ERIC Bearing Application

FAG bearings used in these papermaking machinery and equipment are known as FAG bearings for papermaking machinery. Among these equipment, most of the FAG bearing series products are basically included, but this article mainly introduces professional bearing products that are prone to failure and directly affect the production. The details are as follows:

In recent years, in order to improve production efficiency, the papermaking industry is developing at high speeds and wide widths. In addition, to reduce downtime due to unexpected failures, bearings used in paper machines are required to have higher reliability.

FAG has a product line that can meet these needs, and each part of the paper production line is equipped with FAG bearings. Due to the high temperature steam passing through the rollers of the bearings used in the drying rollers of paper machines, the bearings must be in a high temperature environment. For this reason, the bearing may be peeled off early due to insufficient lubricant film formation, creep caused by aging due to long-term high temperature use, and increased stress due to the temperature difference between the shaft and the inner ring, which may cause damage to the bearing inner ring. In particular, cracks in the inner ring will cause major accidents leading to shutdown.

As a countermeasure to these problems, FAG has developed a high-hardness and long-life bearing that improves the crack resistance of the inner ring and has dimensional stability at high temperatures through special carbonitriding treatment of the material. This imported FAG bearing has the best reliability among similar products. As a special bearing for the hydraulic cylinder rollers in the dryer section, it has established a solid position in the market. 

Bearing application

NSK Bearing application-mining machinery

Mining machinery and engineering machinery are active in mining areas such as mountainous and desert areas, which are far away from ordinary human life, and sometimes even work 2000 meters underground. There are many types of this type of machinery, from mineral crushing machinery to cutting machinery, screening machinery, loading machinery, conveying machinery, etc., all of which are continuously operating equipment 24 hours a day. The failure of any of these machines will greatly affect the production on the mining site, and the recent large-scale machinery has also made maintenance work very difficult.Therefore, in the bearing use environment, "heavy load + impact load", "light load + high speed rotation", "heavy load + low speed rotation" and other very harsh conditions for the bearing. Therefore, the bearings that users desire are products with robustness, durability and high reliability that can withstand these harsh conditions.In order to meet these needs of users, NSK has always combined its core technologies, namely material technology, lubrication technology, analysis technology and the most advanced bearing design technology, and is committed to related research and development. As a result, we have achieved the goal of providing products that significantly exceed the "long life and high limit speed" levels of conventional bearings, and have contributed to improving production efficiency and reducing maintenance costs at mining sites in harsh environments. In addition, NSK also provides new solutions to meet environmental requirements.