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SKF Bearing Oil Film Lubrication Replacement Steps

Writer: Eric Bearing Limited

The lubrication management of SKF bearing oil film is very important and cannot be ignored. The detailed introduction is as follows: More than half of the main causes of mechanical failure or early wear are related to lubrication technology management.

Improve lubrication management, prevent SKF bearings, gears and other frictional moving parts from being scratched or sintered, prevent and reduce wear, reduce frictional resistance, prevent equipment accidents, and improve equipment production efficiency; save energy, increase energy efficiency, increase Economic benefit is the main task of lubrication management.  

1. Lubrication management is a professional technical management. Full-time lubrication technical management personnel should be set up to develop a lubrication management system and provide training on lubrication technical knowledge.  

2. Under the premise of reasonable oil tank capacity, maintain a reasonable oil level of the oil tank, often add lubricating oil to the oil tank, so that the oil in the oil tank is always at a reasonable operating oil level, degas the oil, deposit machine impurities, separate moisture and It is beneficial to reduce the oil temperature in the tank.  

3. Timing, positioning and extraction of oil samples in the transportation + line, testing and testing from oil odor, color, viscosity change, water content, water separation performance, pollutant type and content, anti-foam performance, etc. When the water content in the oil entering the lubrication point exceeds 0.1%, the mechanical wear increases sharply; the lubrication condition when it exceeds 0.5% will be very dangerous. Make test records.  Rich stock SKF 22205 E in our company , if you need , pls contact us

4. Analyze and compare each test record, predict and predict the poor lubrication state, and formulate improvement or prevention measures. The alarm and interlock of the system's oil level, oil quality, oil temperature, and oil pressure control should be safe and reliable to prevent the occurrence of lubrication accidents.

The specific steps of replacing the oil seal when the oil seal at the SKF bearing of the steel wheel walking is leaked are as follows:  

1. Loosen the four fixing bolts of the vibration motor and remove the vibration motor (no need to disassemble the hose on the motor);  

2. Loosen the seven fixing bolts on the motor base and remove the motor base;  

3. Loosen the eight fixing bolts on the support plate and the walking bearing seat and the bolts connecting the support plate and the front frame, and remove the support plate together with the shock absorber and bracket;  

4. Loosen the eight fixing bolts on the SKF bearing baffle and remove the baffle;  

5. Find a shim plate with a diameter smaller than the inner ring of the SKF bearing, and lay it on the shaft head of the outer bearing seat;  

6. Remove the left end cover and place the opposite side on the backing plate, looking for seven M12×70 bolts to fasten the left end cover and the walking bearing housing;  

7. Tighten the seven bolts in the figure in order in diagonal order, then you can pull out the walking bearing housing and SKF bearing together, after turning the walking bearing housing flat, you can change the model to φ180×220×18 Skeleton oil seal.  

7 When installing, pay attention to the disassembly order of each part and install in reverse order. It is necessary to smear more grease on the skeleton oil seal, the drive bearing seat and the outer bearing seat, so as not to damage the oil seal during press-fitting, resulting in another oil leakage failure.

The importance of the correct use of lubricants for the operation of SKF bearings

Of course, if the working speed of the bearing is very low and it needs to work in a polluted and humid environment, it is best to fill the SKF bearing seat with grease.

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The small ones, such as miniature bearings weighing only 0.003 grams, can be as large as 34 tons each. In addition, it also provides a series of bearing maintenance tools, grease and bearing monitoring instruments (bearing heaters, pullers, etc.), so as to make bearing users obtain higher benefits and achieve worry-free operation.

Bearings are precision components, SKF bearings and grease are contaminated and will not run. In addition, at least 14% of all bearings that have been sealed and maintenance-free with grease are only significantly caused by the use of bearings in a small portion of early failures of all bearings. Bearings have excellent manufacturing and design capabilities, and can provide a variety of harsh working conditions sealing solutions.

Lubricating grease chemically reacts with oxygen in the air to produce acidic substances. It first consumes antioxidant additives in the fat, but to a certain extent, the generated organic acids will corrode the metal components and destroy the structure of the fat, making it drop point Decreased, increased base oil viscosity and poor fluidity.

A large number of tests have shown that the higher the temperature, the more obvious the decrease in grease life. For example, when the temperature is between 90 and 100 degrees, the life of the fat is reduced by about half every time the temperature is increased by 19 degrees, and when the temperature is increased from 15 to 15 degrees, the life of the fat is also reduced by half.

In addition, moisture, dust, and harmful gases in the environment in which the grease is used are also important factors for its deterioration. For example, the wear particles of copper, iron, lead and bronze mixed in the fat will catalyze the oxidation of the fat.

In short, there are many reasons for the failure of grease, and sometimes it may be caused by a certain reason, but it is more the result of multiple factors acting together, or taking a cause as a breakthrough, and then other factors acting together.

In use, the grease will be subjected to mechanical shear and centrifugal force at the same time. The grease will be thrown out of the friction interface to separate the oil, resulting in reduced oil content, reduced cone penetration and hardening. To a certain extent, the grease Will completely fail;

Under the action of mechanical shear, the structure of the grease loves to be destroyed (such as the soap fiber being decoupled or oriented), causing it to soften, decrease the consistency and increase the amount of oil, etc., which eventually leads to failure. Normally, if the transmission speed of grease is increased by 2000r/min, its life will be reduced by about half. Under high shear stress, the speed is doubled, and the service life is only 1/10 of the original life.

Free base refers to excess base that has not interacted with fatty acids during the manufacturing process of soap-based grease; free organic acid refers to fatty acids that have not been saponified during the manufacturing process, or the hydrocarbon-based grease itself contains acid (naphthenic acid), or It is the decomposition product of mineral oil oxidation or saponification in grease.

Although you can install all types of "free" SKF bearing seals, 36% of early bearing failures are still incorrect grease technology and improper use. Any bearing that is improperly lubricated will inevitably fail in normal life.

Machinery and equipment bearings are usually the most difficult part of the job, and no fixed lubrication will be a problem. In the case of manual maintenance, it is impossible to achieve, automatic lubrication system can be developed to achieve the best lubrication effect. The required grease, tools and effective lubrication technology will help to significantly reduce downtime.