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Testing requirements for SKF bearings

Writer: Eric Bearing Limited

Testing requirements for SKF bearings

1.Use high-precision SKF bearings;

2.Add more analysis to the internal clearance of SKF bearings and consider the reduction of internal clearance of SKF bearings due to temperature rise;
3.Analyze the lubrication method. It adopts lubrication methods such as circulating lubrication, jet lubrication, oil mist lubrication and oil-air lubrication suitable for high-speed rotation.
4.Analyze the material type of the cage. For high-speed rotation, it is suitable to use copper alloy or phenolic resin to cut the cage. There are also synthetic resin molded cages suitable for high-speed rotation;
For small machinery, you can rotate it by hand to confirm whether it rotates smoothly.Inspection items include:
1.Whether there is any unsmooth operation caused by foreign objects, scratches, or pressure marks;
2.Whether there is unstable torque due to poor installation and poor processing of the mounting base;
3.Whether there is excessive torque due to too small clearance, installation error, sealing friction, etc.
If there is no abnormal phenomenon above, you can start the power operation check:
However,it is not possible to rotate manually for large machines.Therefore, the power is cut off immediately after the no-load start, the machine is idling, check for vibration, noise, whether the rotating parts are in contact, etc., and confirm that there is no abnormality, then enter the power operation.  There are lots of SKF 6310-2Z bearings in stock , if you are looking for , pls contact us . 
The power operation starts from the no-load low speed and gradually increases to the rated operation under the specified conditions. The inspection items during the trial operation are: whether there is abnormal sound, SKF bearing temperature changes,lubricant leakage or discoloration, etc.If abnormality is found,the operation should be stopped immediately, the machine should be inspected, and if necessary, the SKF bearing should be removed for inspection.SKF bearing temperature check.It can usually be estimated based on the external temperature of the bearing housing.However, it is more accurate to use the oil hole to directly measure the temperature of the outer ring of the SKF bearing.The temperature of SKF bearings gradually increases from the beginning of operation, and the temperature is usually stable after 1 to 2 hours.

If the SKF bearing is not installed properly, the temperature will rise sharply and abnormally high temperature will appear. The reasons are too much lubricant, SKF bearing clearance is too small, poor installation, excessive friction of the sealing device, etc. In the case of high-speed rotation, the selection of SKF bearing structure and lubrication method is also the reason.
SKF bearing sound inspection.The rotating sound is checked with a stethoscope, etc.If there is strong metal noise,abnormal sound, irregular sound, etc., it is abnormal.The causes of noise include poor lubrication, poor accuracy of the shaft or SKF bearing housing, bearing damage, and foreign matter intrusion.