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How to distinguish the steel stamp of SKF bearing

Writer: Eric Bearing Limited

 An open market economy has changed our work and life, and has also changed our way of life: transforming most of us from the original average and bland work and life to a gaped and colorful work and life The reason for this huge difference is, I think, "competition".The essence of competition is "interest". Competition brings vitality and progress to society, but competition also causes many people to lose themselves and rack their brains for the benefit. These people make us worry about distinguishing between "true and false" and "authenticity" every day. We must say that this is the sorrow brought about by social progress. However, each of us has to face this social reality.

I always think this way: To distinguish whether a thing is "authentic", the first issue is that you "recognize the authentic". In other words, you have to understand and understand and study the "authentic", you need to know its past, present, and future, you need to know its appearance, and you also need to know his inner. ERIC BEARING LTD are professional SKF bearings distributor , if you have anything need us help , welcome . 

So, how to "know the real thing"?

1.Look at the SKF bearing logo

Some regular parts are marked with certain marks, such as assembly marks on the top of the gear marks, etc., to ensure that the machine parts are correctly installed, and none can not be purchased.

2.Look at the color of SKF bearings

Certain original parts are designated with a certain color on the surface, and in case of other colors, they are counterfeit parts.

3.Look at the appearance of SKF bearings

The original parts are printed or cast on the outside and the marks are clear and regular, while the counterfeit products have a rough appearance.

4.Look at the paint

The unscrupulous merchants will simply process the waste accessories, such as dismantling, assembly, assembly, scrapping, painting, etc., and then pretend to be qualified products for sale, and illegally obtain high profits.

5.Look at the texture of SKF bearings

The materials of original accessories are qualified materials according to the design requirements, and the counterfeit products are mostly replaced by cheap and inferior materials.

6.See the missing

Regular assembly components must be complete and in order to ensure smooth installation and normal operation. Some small parts on some assembly parts are missing, generally "parallel imports", which makes installation difficult. Often due to the shortage of individual small parts, the entire assembly parts are scrapped.

7. Look at SKF bearing storage

If there are problems such as dry cracking, oxidation, discoloration or aging of auto parts, it may be caused by poor environment, long storage time, and poor materials during storage.

8.Look at SKF bearing engagement

If the clutch plate rivets are loose, the brake hose is degummed, the electrical parts joints are unwelded, and the paper filter core joints are disconnected, they cannot be used.

9.Look at SKF bearing packaging

The original parts packaging is generally more standardized, with unified standard specifications, and the writing is clear and formal, while the packaging and printing of counterfeit products is relatively poor, and it is often easy to find flaws in the packaging.

10.Look at SKF bearing technology

The appearance of inferior products is sometimes good, but due to the poor manufacturing process, cracks, sand holes, slag inclusions, burrs or bruises are prone to occur. Cylinder gasket is extruded and deformed, which can easily lead to incomplete sealing and ablation during use, resulting in oil leakage, air leakage and water leakage. The burrs on the piston and piston ring working surface can easily pull the cylinder.