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New SKF Lincoln grease injectors increase productivity in de

Writer: Eric Bearing Limited

The newest member of the SKF single-line lubricant injector series helps increase productivity in demanding applications.

The new SKF Lincoln SL-6 fuel injector is designed with ease of use and maintenance in mind, and has excellent leakage protection and service life even when harsh EP (extreme pressure) grease is used. The SL-6 can be easily retrofitted to an existing single-line pump system.

SKF product manager Jordan Butler (Jordan Butler) explained: “With higher requirements for productivity, less maintenance time and low tolerance for unplanned downtime, lubrication performance is an important key to machine performance. For the uptime that has been invested, there must be a reliable lubrication solution."

The focus of SL-6 innovation is to support the harsh environment of its design, including dump trucks, excavators and other mining and construction equipment.

Quick maintenance features include a striking red indicator pin, adjustment screws that require only basic tools, and a hexagonal body that maximizes the use of working space, making it easy to operate and use.

In order to obtain the best effective lubrication effect, its exhaust speed is faster than any competitors. This is assisted by the daisy chain effect: after each injector is exhausted, it consumes the grease in the main pipe to help the next injector complete its cycle.  SKF 6218 bearings online , pls click here :

The improved sealing reduces the risk of lubricant bypass. In the event of a failure, the closed structure of the injector will bypass the lubricant to the bearing. Then, only two components need to be replaced for repair.

Jordan Butler described the benefits of automatic lubrication: "Manual lubrication takes extra time, requires the machine to be stopped, and tends to be lost between wasted initial overlubrication and over time. Swing between extremely low situations."

"The SL-6 injector and SKF Lincoln lubrication system can help customers take a huge step towards increasing productivity. By reducing maintenance, reducing manual lubrication time, reducing grease consumption and extending component life, customers will soon get investment Return."