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Adjusting the Clearance of NSK Bearing

Writer: Eric Bearing Limited

Even small dust that is invisible to the eyes can have a bad effect on NSK bearings. Therefore, keep the surrounding clean, so that dust will not invade the bearing.

When the bearing is given a strong impact during use, it will cause scars and indentations, which will cause the accident. In severe cases, cracks and breaks may occur, so care must be taken.
Appropriate tools must be used. We often stress the importance of tools because too many customers have used the wrong tools in the installation and caused damage to the bearings.

On the shaft and in the bearing housing, the bearing is required to fix its position in three directions: radial, axial and tangential directions. Radial and tangential positioning is achieved by tight fitting of NSK bearing rings. Axial positioning is only used in a few cases; tight positioning is generally used; axial limiting parts, such as end caps and retaining rings, are used to adjust the axial position. Limited to the clearance range.
Pay attention to the following four points when choosing cooperation:

(1) The circumferential surface of the bearing ring should be well supported and evenly stressed to reduce deformation and give full play to the bearing capacity of the bearing.(2) The ferrule cannot slide along the tangent direction in its mating surface, otherwise it will damage the mating surface.(3) The free-end bearing must be able to adapt to the change in the length of the shaft and the bearing seat hole, that is, it must have the ability to adapt to the axial position within a certain range.(4) Care must be taken to make bearing installation and disassembly easy, saving labor and time. When operating NSK bearings, sweat on your hands can cause rust. Pay attention to use clean hands, it is best to wear gloves as much as possible.

Bearing life has a very important relationship with maintenance and maintenance, because it is related to the length of bearing life and the level of working efficiency. Maintaining the NSK bearings used will bring many benefits. For example, it can bring high production efficiency and produce products with higher quality and precision. Several maintenances can extend the life and save you a re-purchase. cost.

1.Adjust the gasket method:Place a set of soft material (soft steel sheet or elastic paper) gaskets between the bearing end cover and the bearing housing end surface; when adjusting, first install the bearing end cover without putting the gasket, and tighten the bearing end cover evenly on one side Screw, turn the shaft by hand until the bearing rolling body contacts the outer ring and there is no gap inside the shaft;At this time, measure the gap between the bearing end cover and the end face of the bearing seat, plus the axial clearance required by the NSK bearing during normal operation; this is the total thickness of the gasket to be filled, and then put the prepared gasket Fill between the bearing end cover and the bearing housing end face, and finally tighten the screws.  ERIC BEARING LTD are professional NSK bearings distributor , if you are looking for NSK bearings , pls contact us .

2.Adjustment bolt method:Press the pressure ring on the outer ring of the bearing and press it with the adjustment bolt; before the pressure adjustment, first measure the pitch of the adjustment bolt, then tighten the adjustment bolt slowly until there is no gap in the bearing, and then calculate the adjustment The corresponding rotation angle of the bolt.For example, the pitch is 1.5mm, the clearance required for the normal operation of the bearing, then the rotation angle required for the adjustment bolt is 3600×0.15/l.5=360; at this time, if the adjustment bolt is reversed by 360, the NSK bearing will get 0.5mm axial The gap can then be fixed with a stop washer.
Flow bearings lubricated with grease should be replaced with grease after 1500 hours of operation. The amount of oil added should be appropriate, because too much or too little grease will cause bearing heating, and the amount of oil is generally controlled at 1/2 of the volume of the bearing room ~ 2/3 is appropriate.However, for NSK bearings lubricated with lubricating oil, the amount of oil should be added to the corresponding specified position.