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The main tasks of FAG bearing life analysis

Writer: Eric Bearing Limited

The main tasks of FAG bearing life analysis:

In order to put forward targeted improvement measures to prevent sudden early failure of bearing attacks.

If the quenching temperature is low or the cooling is not good, the micro-arrangement will cause a torticite arrangement that exceeds the rules. The service life of the extended bearing will be the main factor that constitutes the bearing failure. Abrasiveness drops sharply, affecting FAG bearing life. 

FAG bearing parts caused by internal stress during quenching and cooling process is called quenching crack. The elements that constitute such cracks are: because the quenching heating temperature is too high or the cooling is too rapid, the thermal stress and the arrangement stress when the metal mass volume changes are greater than the steel's crack resistance; the original defects of the appearance of the operation (such as micro cracks or scratches on the surface) Traces) or internal defects of the steel (such as slag inclusions, severe non-metallic inclusions, white spots, shrinkage cavities, etc.) severe external decarburization and carbide segregation; the presence of internal stress is the main factor that constitutes quenching cracks. The fracture is straight, the quenching crack is deep and slender, the cold punching stress formed by the previous process is too large, casting folds, deep turning tool marks, sharp corners of the oil groove, etc. In summary, the elements that constitute the quenching crack may be one or more of the above elements, and the fracture surface has no oxidation color. The stress concentration is formed during quenching; the part is not tempered enough or not tempered in time after quenching; it is usually a longitudinal straight crack or ring crack on the bearing ring; the shape of the bearing steel ball is S -shaped and T -shaped Or ring type. The quenching crack arrangement is characterized by the absence of decarburization on both sides of the crack, which is significantly different from casting cracks and data cracks. 

The real role of FAG bearings in life 

The real effect of bearings in life can be imagined. We can't ignore it. The service life of imported bearings is the performance of the maximum utilization rate of bearings. In the world of imported bearings, there are many types of bearings. The motor is the power of the machinery. This is what we all know. So do we know what is the main component of the motor? It is an imported bearing. Do we know what is the main effect of the motor? It is the bearing. We may think that a What impact will a small bearing have on the motor? If you think wrong, there will be no bearings in the motor, so there is no way for the motor to work. If you click there is no way to work normally, then your machinery will not work properly. It will delay our normal production and will delay our normal benefits, so the bearing is the most important for the motor, we should not ignore this will cause us a lot of trouble, once the motor can not be used then There is no way for all mechanical equipment to work, but it also brings us a lot of losses, so we must not ignore this. Let us use very good bearings to help us do more things, so that our efficiency has greatly improved. This is what we want to see. Thrust bearings are mainly used in automobile clutches or reducers. We need to find each one. The characteristics of bearings use these characteristics to bring us greater benefits. If you do n’t know much about bearings, but now you want to understand imported bearings, then you can contact us. We will help you understand the characteristics of bearings and help you very well. Use them to give them greater benefits. 

How to repair FAG bearing after cleaning and wear 

No matter what, it will wear a little after use .

FAG bearings are the key equipment of the ultrasonic cleaning machine system. Because the mission conditions of the imported bearings of the cleaning machine are extremely harsh, they must operate continuously under the conditions of shock, vibration and overload, and the service life is required to be more than 15 years . The reliability is extremely high. Therefore, the use of ultrasonic cleaners puts forward higher requirements for the planning and production of bearings.

The correction position is accurate and sensitive, the correction amount can control the accuracy, and it can be corrected without crashing on site. After the correction, the tool grinding skills can be accurately restored to the size. The cleaning machine is used to grind cement, coal and other industrial materials such as construction, chemical industry, ceramics, etc. It has a series of advantages such as small size, light weight, small footprint, low power consumption, energy saving agreement reached more than 30% , and long service life.

During the correction process, FAG bearings are always at room temperature, no internal stress occurs, no thermal deformation, cracks, annealing, softening appearance, and no potential impact of breakage or cracking. High connection strength, no drop appearance, no hard spots, high surface finish, adjustable hardness. Suitable for low carbon steel and low carbon alloy steel, medium carbon steel and medium carbon alloy steel, high carbon steel and high carbon alloy steel, high strength alloy steel, stainless steel, cast steel, cast iron, copper and copper alloy, aluminum and aluminum alloy , Zinc and zinc alloys, chromium, nickel, chromium-nickel steel and unknown materials are corrected.   FAG NU324-E-TVP2  bearings online , pls click here :


Solutions to Overheating of Motor FAG Bearings 

1.FAG bearing is damaged. Solution: Replace.

2.There is too little lubricating oil in the sliding FAG bearing, there are impurities or the oil ring is stuck. Solution: add oil, replace with new oil, repair or replace the oil ring.

3.Rolling FAG imported bearing grease is too little, too much or there are impurities such as iron filings. Solution: The capacity of FAG imported bearing grease should not exceed 70 % of the total volume. Those with impurities should be replaced.

4.FAG imported bearing and end cover are too tight or too loose. Solution: When the bearing is too tight, FAG imported bearing room is processed , and when it is too loose, steel sleeve is inserted in the end cover.

5.The belt is too tight or the coupling is poorly assembled. Solution: Adjust the belt tension and correct the coupling.

6.The two ends of the motor cover or FAG imported bearing cover are poorly assembled. Solution: Install the end cover or FAG bearing cover stop and tighten it.

7.The shaft and FAG imported bearings are too tight or too loose. Solution: re-grind when it is too tight, and insert the shaft when it is too loose.