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The installation of FAG bearing

Writer: Eric Bearing Limited

  The install of the FAG bearing should be in as far as possible dry, clean indoor, and should be far away from metal processing or other will produce the metal debris and dust equipment. When must be in no protection environment of the installation bearings(larger bearings often met), must take proper measures to protect  bearings and related components from the pollution such as dust or moisture. Until the installation is complete, such as use the packaging wax paper or foil cover or wrap up the bearings and related parts.
  The preparing work before install and remove: Before the installation,we should be ready to all necessary parts, tools, equipment and related data, etc.Besides, we should carefully research drawings or relevant instructions to determine the correct installation order of different parts. Be carefully check the bearing shaft, seal and other bearing parts, to ensure it with a clean and good face.In addition, we should be specially inspect the tube screw holes and grooves, to prevent being some processing remains, the cast bearing, should ensure that no cores sand left on the surface of the machining, and get rid of all burr.
  Check all the dimensional tolerance and shape tolerance of FAG bearing components, related components necessary to the required accuracy and in conformity with the provisions tolerance range, so that bearing can play its performance. Cylindrical shaft neck and a hole diameter, generally measured with the micrometer or inner micrometer in two cross section and four different position