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TIMKEN Bearing Fits Reasonable Criteria

Writer: Eric Bearing Limited

1.The coordination of rolling bearings should make the installation and disassembly of the bearings simple and convenient, try to save time and labor, and save three points in expenditure;

2.In order to reduce the degree of deformation of the TIMKEN bearing ring and to give full play to the bearing capacity of the bearing, the bearing ring is best to have good support and uniform stress;

3.It must adapt to the axial position and have the ability to swim within a certain range, so the free-end bearing must be able to adapt to the length changes of the shaft and the TIMKEN bearing housing hole;

4.Also, its ferrule cannot slide along the tangent direction in its mating surface, so as not to damage the mating surface;

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Grease is used to lubricate bearings, of course, the more the better, but it is not. Adding too much grease into the bearing is unnecessary, but will increase friction and increase the temperature. However, if there is too little grease, the repairability of the oil film of the grease is not strong, which will deteriorate the lubrication state of the bearing. Therefore, it is important to determine the proper amount of grease to be filled in the TIMKEN bearing. Refer to the following principles for the general grease filling amount of spherical ball bearing with seat:

(1) The viscosity of lubricating oil is the basic factor for forming a lubricating oil film. Under the conditions of medium speed, medium load and low temperature, choose medium viscosity lubricating oil. Under the conditions of heavy load, low speed and high temperature, use high viscosity lubricating oil or lubricating oil with extreme pressure anti-wear agent. Under low load, high speed and low temperature conditions, low viscosity lubricants are used.

(2) Use synthetic lubricating oil under the conditions of wide operating temperature range, light load and high speed, and other special requirements.

(3) Take the internal combustion engine oil as an example, choose the appropriate viscosity and high viscosity index, so that the oil has sufficient high temperature viscosity to ensure the lubrication and sealing of the engine during operation, and can also have a sufficiently small viscosity at low temperature to ensure Low temperature starting performance. The choice of viscosity is usually based on temperature conditions, and factors such as load level, speed, and engine wear are also considered.

Matters needing attention in the detection of upstream clearance of TIMKEN bearing adapter sleeve

Measure the clearance of the outer ring price of TIMKEN bearing when the roller is sag. First of all, ensure that the TIMKEN bearing's straight posture rotates the outer ring 1/2-1 turn left and right, and any one of the rollers in the two rows of rollers is located directly below. Use a feeler gauge to measure the clearance, and the measurement location is slightly different according to the outer diameter of the bearing outer ring.

Determination of bearing clearance for outer ring outer diameter greater than 200mm. Insert the feeler gauge between the two rows of rollers and the outer ring directly above the bearing and between the two rows of rollers and the inner ring symmetrically with respect to the bearing center, and measure the internal clearance of each bearing. The internal clearance r of the TIMKEN bearing is determined by setting the internal clearance of the bearing between the two rows of rollers directly under the bearing and the outer ring to rS1`rS2, and the internal clearance directly above the bearing to rS. rS=1/2(rS1+rS2) The internal clearance of the bearing measured between the two rows of rollers and the outer ring symmetrical with respect to the center of the bearing and the measured travel between the left two rows of rollers and the outer ring The clearances are respectively set to rL1`rL2, and the internal clearance of the bearing on the left is set to rL. rL=1/2(rL1+rL2) Set the measured clearance between the two rows of rollers on the right and the outer ring to R1`rR2, and the internal clearance of the bearing on the right to rR.

When inspecting TIMKEN bearings, we must follow the relevant regulations. Below we will introduce specific matters.

1.Regulation of measurement area For the measurement of the inner or outer diameter of the TIMKEN bearing, the domestic regulations stipulate that the measurement is within an area with a maximum chamfer coordinate from the south end of the ring, while the regulations abroad are two at the end of the ring. Measure within the area of ​​the double chamfer coordinate.

2.The provisions of measuring instruments The instruments used in the measurement must be calibrated, and have the accuracy and magnification ratio that are compatible with the measured bearings.

3.In order to reduce the measurement error, the radius of the probe and the pressure of the measuring table must be reduced within the possible range, and the pressure-measurement force of the measuring table should be reduced, and the radius of curvature of the probe should be increased.

4.The stipulation of dimensional reference is to use the comparative measurement method to measure the bearing dimensional tolerance.

5.Provisions for measuring reference surface For general TIMKEN rolling bearings, the non-printing end surface of the ring is taken as the reference surface during measurement, and for angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings, the end surface under thrust load is taken as the reference surface.