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Lubrication Function of Anti-Friction TIMKEN Bearings

Writer: Eric Bearing Limited

Everyone knows the importance of lubrication for bearings, so do anti-friction TIMKEN bearings need lubrication? Today we look at the type and lubrication function of anti-friction TIMKEN bearings with questions.

1. Types of anti-friction bearings

Anti-friction bearings are divided into two main types. They are ball bearings and roller bearings. At the same time, we must also know that due to the different manufacturers and specific uses of bearings, many different types have evolved based on these basic structures.

2. Lubrication function

Anti-friction lubricants have the following main functions

(1) Lubricate the sliding contacts between the retainer and other parts of the bearing.

(2) Lubricate any contact points between the race and the rollers that are not really rolling.

(3) Lubricate the sliding contact between the roller and the guide in the roller bearing.

(4) Lubricate all true rolling contacts in the bearing.

The secondary functions are:

(5) Protect highly delicate surfaces from corrosion.

(6) Assist the sealing cover to defend against foreign substances. Grease has this function.

(7) Provide a means of conducting heat (cold).

3. Why pay attention to the lubrication of TIMKEN bearings

In daily use, many people do not pay attention to the lubrication of TIMKEN bearings. They believe that lubrication has little effect on the bearing. However, this often leads to a reduction in the life of the bearing.

So, why should we pay attention to the lubrication of TIMKEN bearings? There are the following aspects for you to answer.

(1) The first is to lubricate all parts of the bearing to reduce the friction and wear of the bearing;

(2) Always form an appropriate oil film on the rolling contact surface of the bearing to extend the fatigue life of the bearing;

(3) The heat generated by friction or other reasons inside the bearing is taken away by lubrication;

(4) Lubrication can prevent rust and dust from the bearing.

Therefore, we must correctly recognize the importance of lubrication for bearings, improve bearing performance and reduce consumption.

4. How does grease function in TIMKEN bearings

In the use of TIMKEN bearings, everyone knows the importance of grease. But I am afraid that many people still don't know how grease works in the bearing? Let me tell you about it.

The thickener is composed of a network of soap fibers and functions like a lubricating oil container. The space of the mesh structure is filled with lubricating oil, as if the holes in the sponge are filled with water.

If a sponge is squeezed, water will flow out, and the grease will be like a sponge. The oil will be discharged due to the squeezing. However, the grease in the bearing is rarely directly squeezed and drained because a newly lubricated bearing is running in At this time, the grease moves on the inner space of the bearing.  TIMKEN L44649-L44610 bearing is online , pls contact us . 

The main reason for discharging grease to the sliding surface is not all caused by mechanical operation, but caused by the temperature rise of the grease around the bearing. Sufficient oil must reach the sliding surface, and the selected grease must be suitable for the type of bearing and operating conditions.

There are some special requirements, for example, for bearings used under vibration, if the mechanical stability of the grease used is insufficient, it will be constantly vibrated or thrown into the bearing, which will cause the structure of the metal soap to collapse and destroy the grease.