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New Spintop Toy Featuring Precision Bearing Technology

Writer: Eric Bearing Limited

 Super smooth motion is an oasis for the heart in hard times

NSK Micro Precision today announced the YEN SPIN, a new entry in its popular lineup of toys including the Chaos Maker Double Pendulum and Saturn Spinner deluxe fidget spinner.

NSK Micro Precision collaborated with long-time partners Soloham Co., Ltd. and Mitsumi Factory Limited Company in the planning, design, and development of the YEN SPIN to showcase “Made In Japan” and deliver a spintop that draws on leading-edge precision bearing technology from a century of Japanese monozukuri. The YEN SPIN is set to release this September, with pre-orders available via Kickstarter. Throughout development, the team considered how our collective wheel-of-fortune seems stuck during the ongoing pandemic. As bearings reduce friction, make rotation smooth, and prevent failures, NSK wanted to incorporate these ideas in creating a gadget to turn our luck around and make society brighter in this difficult time. NSK 51104 bearings online , pls click here : 

The YEN SPIN will make its debut on crowdfunding site Kickstarter on August 1st, a lucky day in Japan.

Why the name YEN SPIN 

The spin of a top is said to bring about various kinds of positive change. With this in mind, we chose the name YEN SPIN since yen can mean “chance”, “circle”, or “money”, depending on how it is written in Japanese.


To achieve smooth rotation, the YEN SPIN is equipped with the same type of high-quality bearings used in cooling fan motors at 5G data centers, which demand the highest reliability for continuous operation. Steel balls from Amatsuji Steel Ball Mfg. Co., Ltd. are used at the tip of the spintop's rotation axis. These balls are nearly perfect spheres, making them some of the most spherically accurate objects in the world. Furthermore, since the outer portion of the top rotates independently thanks to the gyro effect, the Yen Spin achieves smooth rotation that lasts up to 8 minutes, even on rough surfaces.

NSK's mission is to contribute to a safer, smoother society through our technologies, and our commitment has not changed in these trying times. We aim to help those affected by the pandemic while preventing further spread of the virus through various efforts. As most of us are spending more time indoors, we hope that the YEN SPIN will allow people of all ages to experience the wonders of science and bring about a turn in fortune.



Soloham Co., Ltd.    

Cooperative Planning and Bearing Manufacturer

NSK Micro Precision Co., Ltd.    


Mitsumi Factory Limited Company    

Developed during the pandemic lockdown, with planning, design, development, and prototyping conducted largely by telework.