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NACHI Bearing Performance Characteristics Difference

Writer: Eric Bearing Limited

Before understanding the performance characteristics of different NACHI bearings. NACHI bearing distributor we first look at the role of NACHI bearings. NACHI bearing main function is to support, we can first of all to look at from the literal meaning of understanding, bearing shaft bearing is actually used as key components in mechanical, but this effect is only part of NACHI bearing support support In fact, in order to be able to bear the relevant radial load. We can also use NACHI bearings to fix the shaft. If the motor equipment does not have bearings, it is impossible to operate, so it works normally. 

After understanding the role of bearings, let's take a look at the performance characteristics of different NACHI bearings: 

Deep groove ball bearing

Deep groove ball bearings are most commonly used to bear the relevant radial load, in addition, they can also withstand a certain degree of axial load. When the radial clearance of its bearings continues to increase, the bearings can withstand the related axial loads alternating in two different directions. This type of bearing has a small friction coefficient, but it seems to be quite high in terms of limiting speed and accuracy. It is the first choice for various types of customers. NACHI 6310 ZZ bearings online , pls click here :

Thrust angular contact ball bearings

Thrust angular contact ball bearings are most commonly used on precision machine tool spindles. These bearings are generally used in conjunction with other types of bearings, so that they can withstand the relevant axial loads in both directions. For the performance characteristics of these bearings, they have good rigidity. , The accuracy and speed are quite high, but the temperature rise is low, and the assembly and disassembly are more convenient. NACHI 5306 bearings in Eric Bearing stock , pls contact us :

Thrust tapered roller bearings

This type of bearing is most commonly used on joint loads. Compared with angular contact ball bearings, this type of bearing has the advantages of low limit speed and large bearing capacity. For this type of bearing, it can not only bear the relevant axial load in one direction, but also limit the relevant axial displacement in one direction of the housing or the shaft. 

There are different advantages for the performance characteristics of different NACHI bearings. I hope that through the above brief introduction, you can have some simple understanding of the performance characteristics of NACHI bearings. Here we remind everyone that if you want to buy NACHI bearings, you must choose a professional brand agent. This not only saves many unnecessary programs, but also enables you to buy truly high-quality products.

Knowledge of the characteristics of NACHI angular contact ball bearings 

With the development of science and technology and the progress of society, the development of various industries is also getting faster and faster. For example, the machinery industry, bearings occupy a very important position in this industry, but bearings for non-professionals need to know more Expertise.

At present, there are many types of bearings. Take NACHI angular contact ball bearings as an example to introduce their characteristics.

1.NACHI angular contact ball bearings can bear radial load and axial load at the same time, the speed is higher, the greater the contact angle, the higher the axial load capacity. 

2.Single-row bearings can only bear axial load in one direction. When bearing radial load, additional axial force will be caused. And can only limit the axial displacement of the shaft or housing in one direction. 

3.If NACHI angular contact bearings are installed in pairs, the outer rings of a pair of bearings are opposed, that is, the wide end faces the wide end face, and the narrow end faces the narrow end face. In this way, additional axial forces can be avoided, and the shaft or housing can be restricted to the axial clearance range in both directions. 

4.Secondly, there are three nominal contact angles of 15 °, 25 °, and 40 °. The larger the NACHI contact angle, the higher the axial load carrying capacity. High-precision and high-speed bearings usually take a contact angle of 15 °. Under the action of axial force, the contact angle will increase. At present, there are more than 70 variants of angular contact ball bearings. 

Generally, the inner ring or the outer ring has a lock, and the inner ring and the outer ring cannot be separated. After the outer ring is heated and expanded, it is assembled with the inner ring, rolling elements and cage components. The number of installed balls is more than that of deep groove ball bearings, the rated load is the largest among the ball bearings, the rigidity is strong, and the operation is stable. The radial clearance can be adjusted by the mutual displacement of the inner and outer rings. Often used in pairs, and apply preload to increase the rigidity of NACHI bearings.