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Japan NSK develops tapered roller bearings

Writer: Eric Bearing Limited

Japan's NSK Seiko Co., Ltd. has developed locally produced tapered roller bearings for hydraulic excavator travel reducers in China for emerging markets. Compared with previous products, they have higher reliability. This product is in response to the needs of emerging markets. It is purchased locally in China and produced locally. Price competitiveness and high quality coexist, and it can achieve a stable supply with a short delivery period.

Anytime this product is put into the market, NSK will expand its sales in the construction machinery market in emerging markets.

Development backgroundTapered roller bearings for travel reducers of construction machinery such as hydraulic excavators are used in harsh environments such as heavy loads and impact loads. Especially in emerging market countries, many construction machinery operate continuously for a long time and are severely affected by long distances. Use under harsh conditions such as walking on the road. Moreover, in emerging market countries, the accuracy of bearing peripheral components is low, and specific problems such as improper use of the bearing by the operator may also occur.

In response to this problem, NSK uses local materials to design bearings suitable for the harsh environment of emerging markets, and conduct high-precision processing and production in a Chinese factory with the latest production equipment. Make products have higher quality and price competitiveness, and realize the supply of short delivery time. NSK 7906CTYNDULP4 bearings online , pls contact us . 


Features1. The most suitable convex shape (high reliability, long life)

In the harsh environment of emerging markets, in order to prevent the service life of the bearing from being reduced, the outer ring, inner ring raceway surface and roller rolling surface of the bearing have been designed with the most appropriate convexity to suppress the occurrence of edge stress. In addition, bearing tilt due to poor installation is also allowed. Moreover, the latest processing equipment is used to realize the processing of convexity suitable for all conditions.

2. Improved impact resistance (reduce the stress on the big shoulder)

In emerging markets, the travel reducer will withstand large impact loads when running on harsh roads. If excessive stress is generated at the large shoulder of the inner ring, the large shoulder will be damaged, causing the equipment to fail to operate. For this reason, the shape of the end face of the roller is optimized, and the stress on the large shoulder can be reduced by 10%.

3. On-site procurement and production of all components

Using high-quality on-site materials and using the latest equipment, we can produce bearings that can meet the requirements of the use of walking reducers for construction machinery in emerging markets.
Product effectThis product pursues high durability and high reliability in the harsh environment of emerging markets. At the same time, through current production, price competitiveness is improved, delivery time is shortened, and sales to emerging markets will be expanded.