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The installation and maintenance of TIMKEN wheel bearings

Writer: Eric Bearing Limited

    TIMKEN bearings wheel bearing installation method: TIMKEN bearings wheel bearings installed before the first installation on the host surface inspection, required supporting documents should have sufficient strength, to connect the surface to be machined, flat surface free of debris and burrs. Who can not be machined to the required flatness, can be used to inject a special strength of plastic filler, to ensure the accuracy and the mounting surface for the damping. TIMKEN bearings turntable bearing rings have hardened the soft band, which in the end face of ferrule are marked "S", should be installed so that the soft-band position is often placed in non-load or load zone area (plug hole always in the soft band at). Install wheel bearing, should act to advanced positioning, cross-tighten the mounting bolts, and check the rotation of the bearing. Tighten the bolt preload should be sufficient, the preload bolt material yield limit should be 70%. Mounting bolts should be equipped with flat washers and non-quenched and tempered spring washers use.

     TIMKEN bearings storage: TIMKEN bearings in a dry, ventilated and horizontally on a flat site, and should be stored with corrosive chemicals and other items separated. For several sets of overlapping stacked bearings, each set should be uniform along the circumferential direction between the three placed the same height above the wooden pad, and the place to put pads on the lower line. Still continue to be placed over rust-proof bearing, should be re-cleaning and anti-rust treatment.