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Maintenance requirements of KOYO bearings

Writer: Eric Bearing Limited

 1.Thrust angular contact ball bearings in bearings

Thrust angular contact ball bearings have a contact angle of generally 60°. Commonly used thrust angular contact ball bearings are generally bidirectional thrust angular contact ball bearings. 

They are mainly used in precision machine tool spindles. They are generally used together with double-row cylindrical roller bearings to withstand bidirectional shafts. The direction load has the advantages of high precision, good rigidity, low temperature rise, high speed, easy assembly and disassembly.

2.Deep groove ball bearings in bearings

Structurally, each ring of a deep groove ball bearing has a continuous groove raceway with a cross section of approximately one third of the equatorial circumference of the ball. Deep groove ball bearings are mainly used to bear radial loads, and can also bear certain axial loads.    KOYO 32207 JR  bearings online , pls click here :


When the radial clearance of KOYO bearing increases, it has the nature of angular contact ball bearing and can withstand the axial load of alternating in two directions. Compared with other bearings of the same size, this type of bearing has a small friction coefficient, high limit speed and high accuracy. It is the preferred bearing type when the user selects the type. 

Deep groove ball bearings are simple in structure and easy to use. They are the largest production batch and the most widely used bearings.

3.Thrust tapered roller bearings in bearings

Since the rolling elements in thrust tapered roller bearings are tapered rollers, the rolling generatrix and the raceway generatrix of the washer converge on a certain point on the axis line of the bearing on the structure, so the rolling surface can form pure rolling and high limit speed Used in thrust cylindrical roller bearings. 

Features: Thrust tapered roller bearings can withstand unidirectional axial loads. The type code of thrust tapered roller bearing is 90000.

4.The structure and performance characteristics of double row tapered roller bearings in bearings

Double-row tapered roller bearings have a wide range of structures, the largest is the 35000 type, there is a double raceway outer ring and two inner rings, there is a spacer between the two inner rings, the thickness can be adjusted to adjust the clearance. 

This type of bearing can bear two-way axial load while bearing radial load, and can limit the axial displacement of the shaft and the housing within the axial clearance range of the bearing. 

Structural characteristics of tapered roller bearings. The type code of tapered roller bearings is 30000, and tapered roller bearings are separate bearings. Tapered roller bearings are mainly used to bear combined radial and axial loads, mainly radial loads. Compared with angular contact ball bearings, the bearing capacity is large and the limit speed is low. 

Tapered roller bearings can withstand axial load in one direction and can limit axial displacement of the shaft or housing in one direction.

In order to make KOYO bearings give full play to and maintain their due performance for a long time, it is necessary to do regular maintenance (regular inspection).

Through appropriate regular inspections, early detection of failures and prevention of accidents are very important to improve productivity and economy.


When disassembling the bearing for inspection, first make a record of appearance using photography and other methods. In addition, confirm the amount of remaining lubricant and sample the lubricant before cleaning the bearing.

(1)The cleaning of the bearing can be divided into coarse washing and fine washing, and a metal grid can be placed on the bottom of the used container.

(2)When rough washing, use a brush or the like in the oil to remove grease or adhesion. If you turn the bearing in oil at this time, be careful to damage the rolling surface due to foreign objects.

(3)When finely washing, slowly turn the bearing in oil, which must be done carefully.

Commonly used cleaning agents are neutral, non-aqueous diesel or kerosene, and warm alkaline liquids are sometimes used as needed. No matter which cleaning agent is used, it must be filtered frequently to keep it clean.

Immediately after cleaning, apply anti-rust oil or anti-rust grease on the bearing.

2.Check and judge

In order to judge whether the removed KOYO bearing can be reused, it is important to check its dimensional accuracy, rotation accuracy, internal clearance and mating surface, raceway surface, cage and sealing ring.

The inspection results can be judged by those who use inertial bearings or bearings.

Judgment criteria vary according to mechanical performance and importance, and inspection cycle. If the following damages occur, the bearings must not be reused and must be replaced.