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KOYO Bearing End Cover Measurement Method

Writer: Eric Bearing Limited

1. The role of KOYO bearing end cover

Most medium and small reducers use KOYO rolling bearings, and the bearing end cover of KOYO rolling bearing is the most common part. The bearing end cover is used to fix the bearing, adjust the bearing clearance and bear the axial force.

2. Structural characteristics of bearing end cover

The structure of the bearing end cover has two types: embedded and flanged. Each type has a blank cover and a through cover.

(1) The embedded bearing end cover has a simple and compact structure and does not require fixing screws. The outer diameter is small, the weight is light, and the outer shaft is short. However, it is difficult to assemble and disassemble the end cover and adjust the bearing clearance, and the sealing performance is poor. Slotting on the seat hole requires time-consuming processing. Embedded bearing end covers are mostly used in occasions with light weight and compact structure.

(2) Flange-type bearing end covers are easy to install, disassemble, and adjust the bearing clearance, and the sealing performance is also good. So it is widely used. But the disadvantage is that the outer profile is large in size and a set of screws is needed to connect.

3. KOYO bearing end cover measurement method and size

There are three common parts measurement methods, as shown below:

(1) Common quantities for measuring size include: steel ruler, outer caliper and inner caliper (the three can be used together)

(2) If measuring more precise dimensions, use a vernier caliper.

(3) For measuring the external dimensions of various workpieces, external micrometers can be used.

4. KOYO bearing end cover size measurement points

(1) Correctly use measuring tools and select measuring standards to reduce measurement errors; do not use more precise measuring tools to measure rough surfaces, so as to avoid wear and affect the accuracy of the measuring tools. The size must be measured collectively and fill in the size value one by one.

(2) For important dimensions, some have to be calculated, such as center distance, center height, gear tooth size, etc., must be accurately measured, and necessary calculations and verifications must be made, and should not be adjusted at will. For the less important dimensions of the part (unmachined surface size, machined surface, general size), the measured size value can be rounded to an integer.

(3) When measuring the size of the worn parts on the parts, the wear value should be considered, and the relevant parts or relevant data should be referred to and determined by analysis.

(4) The standardized structural dimensions on the parts, such as the chamfering, fillet, keyway, thread undercut and other structural dimensions of the felt ring oil seal, can be determined by referring to relevant standards.

(5) The size of the shaft or hole on the part that is matched with the standard component such as rolling bearing can be determined through the model look-up table of the standard component. Standard structural elements, after measuring the size, check the table to get the standard value.   KOYO 6011CM bearings online , pls click here if you need . 

Next, Eric Bearing Limited will summarize an additional knowledge for everyone based on experience.

KOYO split bearing ring line cutting method of explosion-proof cracking

KOYO split bearings are selected for bearing applications that are not easy to install and disassemble. After the split bearing rings are finely ground, they are separated by wire cutting. Wire cutting is mainly used to process various complex and precise workpieces. It has outstanding advantages such as small machining allowance, high machining accuracy, short production cycle, and low manufacturing cost. It is suitable for processing small batches and multiple varieties of parts. Due to the high brittleness and high internal stress of the split bearing wire cutting after quenching, coupled with the cutting stress and cutting action during wire cutting, the ring bursts when the gap is about to be cut, which increases the rejection rate of the product. Affect the production schedule and product quality.

After many calculations and experiments, a method of wire cutting for split bearings is proposed, which prevents the ring from bursting during online cutting and eliminates the waste generated during the process of ring splitting. The specific processing process of the wire cutting method is:

1. Cut the tungsten wire from the inner diameter direction to 2/5 of the wall thickness of the ferrule;

2. Move the tungsten wire to 180° on the other side of the inner diameter and cut 2/5 of the wall thickness;

3. Move the tungsten wire to 2/5 of the outer diameter and cut the wall thickness;

4. Move the tungsten wire to the 180° position on the other side of the outer diameter until it is cut (due to the internal stress, the tungsten wire will automatically disconnect when it is cut to a certain position, including 1/5 of the side that has not been cut. If there is no natural disconnection, you can further make up the knife.

This ferrule line cutting method calculates the wall thickness of the split bearing ring, reasonably allocates the wall thickness value at each step of splitting, and strictly controls the sequence of splitting, which improves the quality and production efficiency of bearing products. Reference for cutting ring parts.