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Improve the NTN bearing lubrication

Date:2012-01-13 From:SKF bearings

In order to improve the actual installation NTN bearing with precision, we must not make use of the deformation of the NTN bearing measurement method and measuring tools, on the bearing hole and the round with the actual surface dimension precision measurement, can be in the inner and outer measurement project all be measured, and the data obtained in a comprehensive analysis, counted on, precision with a hole for shaft and the bearing installed parts of the size. In the actual measurements made with the axis of a hole the size and the corresponding geometric shape, should be in the same import bearings and measurement of the temperature conditions.
  To ensure a higher with the actual effect, the axis and a hole and NTN bearings the surface of Japan match, the roughness should as far as possible to small.
In the foregoing measurement, should be in a circular NTN import bearings and in the hole, and axle and a hole corresponding surface, in close to the assembly on both sides of the Angle pouring, respectively, and the biggest deviation can make the direction of the two groups of mark, so that in the actual assembly, make the biggest match two party on the same position deviation, so that in the assembly, the parties may partly offset by the deviation.
Make two groups of directional signs purpose, lies in the comprehensive consideration of the deviation compensation can, since the ends of their respective rotation precision support to improve, and between the two supporting a hole and ends the coaxial tolerance of shaft neck get partial to eliminate the error. With the surface of surface strengthening measures, such as sandblasting processing, with slightly larger diameter precision plug column in a plug in the hole, cooperate to improve accuracy.
1. The bearing of oil bath smooth
Oil bath is in smooth import bearings ordinary smooth way, suitable for low, medium speed bearing smooth. Will NTN bearing local dip in the slot, smooth by the oil with a rotating bearing parts, and then come back to the oil tank face should be slightly lower than the minimum in the middle of the roller.
2. Bearing drops of oil slick
Drops of oil is suitable for quantitative supply to smooth smooth oil bearing parts, dripping oil every 3 to 8 seconds individual a advisable, too much oil amount will cause bearing temperature increased.
3. The cycle of bearing the oil slick
Be filtered with oil pump oil walks to bearing parts, through the NTN bearing the smooth again after oil filter cooling after use. Circulation oil can take away because certain quantity of heat, make bearing cooling, reason this law in high speed of practical bearing parts.
4. Bearing spray smooth
With a boring contraction air after spray oil mixed with smooth caused by oil mist, radiation NTN bearing, the air can effectively make bearing cooling and can avoid impurities invasion. This method is suitable for high speed, low temperature bearing parts of smooth.
Maintenance of the conditions of the mechanical operation best corresponding operation standard, on a regular basis. Content including monitoring operation state, supplements or replace lubricant, regular remove examination.

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